Holly Christmas Piano

by Deidre G.

To make the Holly Christmas Piano:

  • Large bobby pins
  • Wood piece (6" by 6" by 1"
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun with staples
  • A box

  1. Break three or four bobby pins by using pliers to crush the bent end of the pin. You will now have six to eight pieces.
  2. Staple a bobby pin to the left side of the wood. Put two staples at the sharp metal end of the bobby pin, leaving the rubber tipped end free. If the staples do not go in all of the way, pound them in with the hammer. If the rubber tipped end is not up in the air, then bend it up just a bit.
  3. Staple in the rest of the pins. Work from the left to the right, stapling the bobby pins further and further toward the rubber tip so the length of the bobby pin is getting shorter and shorter.
  4. Cut a hole in a box lid that is the same size as the piece of wood. Tape the wood piece into the box lid and close the box.
  5. Decorate the box.

To Play:

  1. Push down on the rubber tip of each bobby pin, then slide your finger back off the tip of the bobby pin. As the pin bounces back to its original position, it will vibrate and make a sound. The longer the pin, the lower the pitch will be. The pins that are stapled closer to the rubber tip will make higher pitched sounds.
  2. The finger piano will work without being put in a box. The box makes the finger piano sound louder like you are using speakers.