Tazmanian Devil Drum

by Tim Z.

To make a drum I first gathered my materials, which were a large coffee can, leather material, a hole puncher, paint, stickers and string.

To start, I opened the can on both ends. Then I painted it blue. While it dried I cut two pieces of leather material and punched holes equally spced apart in both pieces. Then I set the can on top of one piece of leather and put the other piece on top.

Then I started from one side and laced the string in one bottom hole and then through a top hole. As I got to the end holes I tightened the string to pull up the leather around the ends of the can until it was very tight. Then I knotted the string.

The drum sticks were two pieces of a dowel with wooden balls glued on top. To finish off my drum I used fun stickers and now you have the on and only TAZMANIAN DEVIL DRUM.

I get the sound from my drum by the vibration of energy when I hit my drum with my sticks. This causes the leather to vibrate because of its tightness, producing a low pitch.