The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions Presents:

Trinity School

Columbus, Ohio

The Blow Mallet

by Heather, 4th grade Trinity School, Columbus, Ohio

I got the idea for the Blow Mallet from thinking about making some type of maraca, but I also wanted to make a flute. I mixed these ideas together and made a Blow Mallet. I drew a picture of what I thought it should look like and then my Dad and I went to the hardware store to find the materials we needed to make it. We looked at metal and a couple different types of plastic plumbing supplies. After testing many different things that we could put together, I decided to use white plastic pipes and adapters be cause it was light and easy to put together. The whole instrument cost about $5.00 to make.

The maraca part of the Blow Mallet is a percussion instrument. Pounding on things, you can also use this part of the instrument to make sounds. It is made of a plastic plumbing connectors and screw on caps. I used pennies to make sounds by hitting each other and the inside of the plastic. I designed it so that the ends would come off so I could put different things inside to make different sounds.

The flute part is a wind instrument. This part is the handle of the Blow Mallet. It is made out of plastic pipe with holes drilled in it to let out the air and make sound.

One of the neat things about the Blow Mallet is that it can also be used as two separate instruments by pulling off the handle and using each section by itself. The Blow Mallet I made is spray painted red and decorated with glitter. The end of the handle is not painted and is slanted so that it is easy for me to blow into.