The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions Presents:

Trinity School

Columbus, Ohio

Crystal Harmonica

Alexandra, 6th grade, Trinity School, Columbus, Ohio

I named my instrument Crystal Harmonica because the sound it makes comes from crystal. I took 3 crystal glasses, water and a pencil. Each glass is filled to a different level.

To make the sound, I get my finger wet and run it lightly over the edge of the glass like a bow on a violin. The friction between my finger and the glass makes it vibrate or hum.

The pitch of the humming sound depends on the water level. When I fill the glass almost to the top, I get a low pitch. When I fill the glass with less water, I get a higher pitch. The more mass, the lower the pitch.

The Crystal Harmonica belongs to the percussion family because friction causes sound. However, it also belongs to the string family because it is played like a violin you could say it is a "stringed" instrument without strings.

There is another way to play the Crystal Harmonica. You can also tap the glasses lightly and this would be another example of the Crystal Harmonica as a percussion instrument.