From the Music Teacher, Kate Fitzgerald:

I was very excited to see this website and my students were as well! I had the opportunity of participating in an instrument building project in college, as part of an ethnomusicology class and it was so much fun and a great learning experience. I couldn't pass up the opportunity of exposing my students to it as well. I was even more excited to see it was already an established part of the Farmington General Music Curriculum as well.

Anyway, the 5th graders just finished their "Science of Sound" unit in music, which is taught around the same time as their "Sound and Light" unit in their Science classes. The students (of which I only see 16 students for this project), as part of their final assessment build an original homemade instrument from everyday household items. They could build either a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument as part of this project, but had to answer the three questions:

  • 1. How is the sound produced on your instrument?
  • 2. How is pitch (high and low sounds) controlled? and finally
  • 3. How are dynamics (loud and soft sounds) controlled?