Zachary's Balloon Drums

I chose this instrument because it sounded like a fun instrument to play.  First I went to Wal-Mart and got black balloons.  My Grandpa already had the plywood to make the stand.  To start we put wood in a planer to make it smooth.  We had to put the wood in the planer five times and another planer twice. 

Then I measured holes to put the PVC pipes in.  My Grandpa helped me use a huge drill to cut the twelve holes that I needed to put the PVC pipes in.  But before I could put them in I had to measure and cut the PVC pipes.  I cut the PVC pipes myself because the saw was not dangerous.

After I got home from my Grandpa's house I put contact paper on the PVC pipes so they wouldn't look so much like PVC pipes.  Then I took stuff called varnish and painted it on so it would be darker than regular wood. My Dad helped me with the contact paper and the varnish. I can make the sound louder by hitting the balloons harder. 

I can make the sound softer by not hitting it as hard.  Another way I can make the sound different is having different lengths in the PVC pipes.  I can also change the sound by making the balloons tighter or looser.

The sounds that my drums can make are hollow, poundy, soft, and muted sounds.  My drums sound muted when I hit it with my whole hand.  When I hit it with one finger it sounds hollow.  If you smack it, it will sound poundy.