Aliesha's Pipe Chimes

My instrument is called the "Pipe Chimes."  My Dad and my sister helped me make it.  We went to Home Depot to buy wood, pipes, and a saw.   I laid out the pipes and my Dad told me to mark the first one 15" long. Then he told me to mark the second one 18" long.  On the third mark he told me to try to guess the number of inches for the next pipe.  I guessed the rest of the numbers by following the pattern of adding three inches.    
Next my Father cut all of the pipes.  When we were done cutting the pipes we sanded the ends of the pipes with a drill using a sanding bit so the ends wouldn't be so sharp.     We drilled holes in a piece of wood so we could hang the pipes.  We used a nail to hammer dimples in the pipes to make it easier to drill the holes.

Dad drilled holes in the pipe for me.  After Dad drilled holes in the pipes my sister held the wood so my Dad and I could tie the pipes to the wood.  The next step was to cut the legs.  I spray painted the legs aqua blue. Dad and I nailed the legs to the wood pieces so the chimes would stay upright.  After we put on the legs I added glitter and paint.  It took us two whole days to finish.   

The sound of my instrument is produced by hitting the pipes with a wooden mallet.  You can change the dynamics by hitting the pipes harder or softer.  You can change the pitch by hitting a fat bar or a skinny bar.  You can also change the pitch by hitting a long bar or a short bar.  The timber is gravelly and smooth notes.   

I don't know a lot about the history of the chimes, but I found out it was originated in Korea.  It is related to the Korean P'yonjong and P'yon-gyong which is similar to the chimes only using bells instead of pipes.