Anthony's Patriotic Drum
My instrument is called the Patriotic Drum.  To make my drum I first collected some tins.  Then I spray painted my tins red, white, and blue.  My Dad showed me how to spray paint, but I painted it.  Then we used a drill to make holes.  To hold the tins together, I used two bolts in each of the three tins, to attach them to the big tin.  This took me three hours.

To make sound on my instrument, you must hit the top of one of the tins.

To change the pitch, you can hit a different size tin.  The pitch can be changed by putting something in the drum as well.  The timber of my drum is both very brassy, and very deep.

I do not know about the history of drums, but I know that drums were used by Native Americans in their ceremonies.  The Native Americans made drums by burning holes in the middle of logs, then they would use deer skin for the striking area.  To tighten the deer skin they would use dried grass for strings.