Maggie's "Let's Go Swimmin'!

The instrument I made is called "Let's Go Swimmin'!"  It is a tambourine.  My Mom and Dad helped me make it.  I wanted to make a tambourine because my sister made one last year and it looked cool.  It took me three weeks to complete my tambourine.

To make my tambourine my Mom and I went to Big K to buy my art supplies. The supplies contained:  different colors of model paint, sea blue spray paint, paint brushes, primer, clips, seashells, washers and a pan.  When my Mom and I went to buy a pan for the base of my tambourine, I hit some of them and picked the pie pan that sounded the best.

Then my Dad helped me prime the pie pan.  He showed me how to spray the primer.  I sprayed the first coat.  I was asleep when it was time for the second coat of primer, so my Dad sprayed that coat.

In the morning my Dad and I went to the garage to drill holes on the edges of my pie pan.  I decided to drill six holes.  Then I sprayed the sea blue paint on my tambourine.  My Dad showed me how to spray the paint.  I had to do this twice.

The next day I decided what the design on my tambourine should be.  I drew different designs on paper and chose the one I liked best.  I painted a dolphin, fish, coral, seaweed, and sand.  I painted eyes and mouths on my fish and dolphin too.


Next, I put the washers on the tambourine.  I tried different sizes and amounts of washers on the clips attached to the tambourine.  I shook and banged my tambourine.  I knew that two small washers on each clip sounded the best.  The next day my Dad and I glued seashells on the side of the tambourine with epoxy glue.

When I make the sound on my tambourine, I hit and shake it.  To make my tambourine's dynamics loud, I hit it very hard and shake it very fast.  I make a quiet sound on my tambourine when I hit it softly and shake it slowly.  To make the pitch sound low I hit it with the palm of my hand and shake it smoothly.  To make it sound high I hit it with my knuckles and shake it quickly.  The timbre of my tambourine sounds like a sleigh with jingle bells on it and tree branches hitting its side.  Sometimes, I can make it sound like my brother jumping on the floor causing glass to shake.   

The tambourine is a percussion instrument that came from the Near East. Tambourines were popular in places such as Egypt, Assyria and China.  People played the tambourine at feasts, festivals and funerals.




Making my tambourine was hard work, but it all paid off in the end.  My tambourine looks beautiful and sounds very cool.  I am so glad that I decided to make a tambourine.