The Chimesters by Caitlyn

My Dad and I went to Home Depot to get 20 feet of copper tubing and 10 fittings. I used things from home too, like: a torch, paint bottles, a leveler, string, tube cutter, and some metal to melt on the fittings so they stayed together.

My Dad helped me measure the eight chimes. The sizes were: 12", 11 1/2", 10 1/4", 9 3/4", 9 1/4", and 9". I marked and cut the tubes. I also marked and cut 4 two foot lengths for the legs of the stand and the 21 1/2 inch tube to hang the chimes on.

To be able to hang the chimes from the stand, I needed to make holes in the 21 1/2 inch tube. TO find the center of the 21 1/2 inch tube my Dad divided 21 1/2 by 2 which equals = 10 3/4. I measured 10 3/4 from one end of the tube and marked it. I wanted the eight chimes to be centered on the tube with the same amount of space between each chime. I decided to put the chimes 1 1/2 inches apart.

To center the eight chimes I started in the middle of the 21 1/2 inch bar where I marked. I needed to hang 4 chimes on each side of the centered mark. I measured and marked 3/4 of an inch on both sides of the center mark from the center two chimes. From these marks, I measured and marked three more holes on each side toward the outside of the tube. Each mark was 1 1/2 inches from the mark before it. My Dad drilled the eight holes straight through the tube.

To hang the chimes I also needed to make holes in them. I measure and marked e/r of an inch from one end of each chimes. My Dad drilled straight through these holes too.

To assemble the stand, my Dad put 2 "T" fittings on the ends of the 21 1/2 inch tube. Then he put 25 inch tubes on each side of the "T's" and an elbow fitting on each side of the tubes. My Dad also put 4 two foot copper bars into the elbow fittings and four cap fittings on the other ends. He then soldered the joints so the stand would be sturdy.

Then I sprayed the stand and chimes completely. I cut 8 different lengths of fishing line. I used a crochet hook to pull the strings through the chimes and stand. I knotted the fishing line so it wouldn't fall through. It took 2 days to make the chime project.

I make the dynamics change by the way I strike the chimes. The harder I hit the louder the sound. My instrument has different pitches. I hit the small chime to make a high sound and I hit the long one to make a low pitch.

The timbre is smooth, airy, and clear. It resembles the sound of church bells.

My chimes "resembles" real chimes their sound is also similar to xylophone and bells. My chimes are a percussion instrument. My chimes remind me of the wind chimes people hang outside their homes to make nice noises when the wind blows.