Tin Can Dulcimer  

by Theresa



I chose the Tin Can Dulcimer for my instrument. My Mom and Dad bought the materials for me. First my Dad bought a smooth board, round dowel, and two medium-sized eye screws. He found two small nails that we neede in our basement. Then my Mom bought two metal guitar strings ("B"), and a couple of large rubber bands. We all found the tin can in our recycleable bag.



 First I took the board and put some lines on it with a template. Then my Dad put numbers above the lines (0 - 14). Using a woodburner my Dad burned the numbers into the wood. Next my Dad nailed two small nails into one end of the board. My Dad put the screws at the other end of the board and I hot-glued the round dowel on.




Now I attached a tin can with two rubber bands. Last my Dad put the guitar strings around the screws, over the dowel, through the can, and around the nails. I think the Tin Can Dulcimer makes a weird noise.







To play the tin can dulcimer you hold one string down and strum bothstrings with the other hand. It will make a different sound when you push down different frets.

The dulcimer has a long history and was first heard in Europe. It came to America with the Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. It was also a favorite of Henry Ford. It is really easy to play. Many of the best players do not read music. I like dulcimers because my Grandma has one at her house.

(Note from Mrs. Voigt: "Theresa enclosed to nice photos with her report. They are pictures of her with her Grandmother's dulcimer. The judges and I really enjoyed her photos and the family connection that her instrument has.")