The Sax

by Rebecca

My saxophone was made out of wood. My Dad was the one who helped me make it. My Dad and I went to my Grandma's house where we got the wood. My Dad dug out four pieces of wood.

I measured the right lengths of each piece, then my Dad cut them on the lines with the chopsaw. Then we went home to glue it. The glue was hard to get out, so my Dad put the glue on the pieces. I held the pieces together while my Dad put clamps on them.

Then my Dad drilled holes where I had put the marks for my fingers. My Dad put rubber bands around the reed while I held it. Then I painted over the wood.

It took us about four days to make it since we're always busy.

Sound is produced by blowing into the smaller end of the saxophone. There are lots of ways you can change the sound. If you blow hard the louder the sound, and if you blow soft the softer the sound.

If you have all of your fingers on the holes the lower the pitch, and if you only have one finger on a hole the higher the sound. The timbre of my instrument is squeaky.

I picked The Sax because I knew it would be something I'd like and would keep.