Jamie's Nighttime Tambourine

This is how I made my Nighttime Tambourine. First, I went to the store to buy supplies. Mom and I couldn't find a base for the tambourine.

My Mom went to Home Depot to buy a base. She found an 8 inch duct cap for the base. We sound the other supplies at Joanne Fabrics, Meijer, and Norm's Hobby Shop.

Later my Dad took me down to the basement to prime paint the 8 inch duct cap. After it dried I spray painted it blue. Another day I designed the pattern for the tambourine on a piece of paper.

On a different piece of paper I made a model of a clock. I did that so that I could pick where we would drill the holes. Then I scraped off some of the paint so that I could tell where to drill the holes. I scraped twelve holes. I got to pick out the drill bit and put it in the drill. My Dad drilled the holes. My Dad also damaged the paint while he was drilling.

My Dad squeezed out the two part epoxy blue and then I had to mix the glue. I scraped off the paint where I wanted the jewels. I glued the jewels where I had scraped paint off. I taped the jewels down so they would stay glued.

Another day I made a stencil for the stars. Then I painted the stars silver using the stencil. I made the moon silver without a stencil. When they dried, I painted three extra coats of paint. It was hard to make the stencil. It was hard to do the moon, too.

Later I used pliers to cut blue craft wire. Then I strung the bells on the craft wire and put them through the holes. Later I measured 11 inches of the sequin string and cut then blue and silver sequin string. Then I put glue on the ends of the sequin string so the sequins wouldn't fall off.

The next day I glued the sequin strings on the side of the tambourine going blue then silver. I put tape on them so they wouldn't fall off the tambourine. I tried the epoxy glue but it didn't stick. So I used Elmer's glue instead. When they dried I pulled off the tape and pulled off two of the sequin strings, so I had to glue them back on. It took about two weeks to get finished.

When my tambourine was finished I played it. I hit it and shook it to make music. To make loud dynamics you hit it hard and shake it hard. To make soft dynamics you hit it softly and shake it softly.

The little bells make a high pitch when you shake them. The big bells make a low pitch when you shake them. To make a high pitch sound from the base of the tambourine you must hit it in the edge of the tambourine. To make a low pitch sound from the base of the tambourine you must hit it in the middle of the tambourine.

The tambourine has two timbres. The bells sound jingly and like Christmas when you shake them. The base sounds like a drum and has a weird metal sound.