Battle Bugle

First my mom ordered me a cow horn off the Internet. When I finally got it I took some sandpaper and started to sand it. It took me about three days to sand the horn. Then after I finished sanding the horn, I took some steel wool and rubbed it on my horn to make it smooth. Then my dad cut off the sharp part of the horn, and evened out the part of the horn that was attached to the cows head so the horn would look better. Then I took a wet rag and waxed by horn. Finally my dad tied a leather shoelace to the horn so I could carry it.

After I finished making the horn I practiced playing it. To make a sound you just blow in the small hole at the end of the horn. Your lips have to be puckered up and tight when you blow air in or you won't get any sound.

It's pitch is low and can be changed by how tight you make your lips. You blow harder to make the dynamics loud. The timbre is kind of rough and loud. The battle bugle is a VERY hard instrument to play.