The Booming Beater

 The first step in making the Booming Beater is that my mom and I went to town and got a dowel, a roll of tape, and beads. Then I had to find a round shape. I picked a ice cream container. First my mom helped me cut out the sides with a knife. Next I soaked the brown paper in wallpaper paste and let it dry for about a day. Then I cut a big hole in both sides of the container and put a dowel through them. Then I made two little holes in the opposite side of the container and I put a piece of string in the holes and tied a knot in them. Then I put beads on the ends of the strings and tied them on. Then I painted the Booming Beater. Then I cut the dowel.


Sound is produced by rolling the dowel in between my hands so the strings move. The beads then hit the brown paper to make a sound. I spin it fast to make a loud sound and slower to make a soft sound.