Freedom Bells

My mom helped me make my instrument. After selecting a pattern, I figured out what I needed to make my Freedom Bells. I needed red, white, and blue paint, some stickers, red, white and blue pony beads, a dowel rod, and some flower pots. Later on I found some cord and a beater for my bells.

First my mom and I had to go guy flower pots at Joann's fabrics. Next we had to go get red, white, and blue paint at the dollar store. Then I looked in my sticker book for some appropriate stickers to put on my freedom bells. Then I got a dowel rod to hang my bells from. After that I gathered some red, white, and blue pony beads to make my bells. And last I found some string to hang my bells on.

Since I had everything I needed for freedom bells I could start painting. I painted the flower pots red and let that dry. I painted the other colors in between drying times. Then I took my dowel rod and cord and decided how long it needed to be. I decided that each cord needed to be cut 24 inches long. Next I put three beads on each string. I used one red bead, one white and blue bead. Then I put a cord through the hole in the bottom of each pot. While my mom held the dowel rod, I tied the pots onto the dowel rod.

The dynamics of this instrument is pretty soft. But if I hit the bells harder they have a louder dynamics. I can change the pitch of my instrument by hitting a different bell. The timbre of my instrument sounds tinkly.