Freedom Drum

I found some coffee cans and drilled two holes in each can. My dad helped me put bolts in each hole I drilled. Dad bent some steel and put it around all 4 cans to hold them together. Next I taped the middle of the two big cans. I picked red, white and blue paint….and the cymbals would be black. Next I painted the cans and cymbals those colors.

My instrument needs to be struck to make a loud dynamic sound or tapped to make a soft sound. I left the bottom of each can open so the sound can travel out of the can when struck or tapped.

The pitch is different depending on where you tap it or strike it and the size of the can. If you hit it on the outside it makes a high pitch and when you hit it in the middle it is a low pitch. If you hit the little can it makes a higher pitch.

The drums have a hollow timbre when hit or struck.