Kevin's Awesome John Deere Drum

My dad and mom helped me. First I made a list of all the things I needed and my mom bought them. Then I cut the elastic out of the shower cap like the instruction said. I decorate the wastebasket with colored sticky tape. I then measured the top of the wastebasket so I could figure out how big to cut the shower cap. It had to hang down two inches on each side. I cut the shower cap so it was 12 inches across then I taped it on top of the wastebasket. After that I cut out the right size of colored paper and cut a fringe on each side then glued the paper to the wastebasket. When the glue dried my dad helped me tie the green rope to the top of the wastebasket over the paper.

To make the beaters I needed corks, wooden skewers, black paint and straws. First my dad cut a hole in the bottom of the cork for the skewer to fit in. Then I glued the skewer into the hole in the cork. I put the straws over the skewers and glued them on. I put yellow tape over the green straws. Then I painted the corks black.

Beating the drum with the beaters produces the sound. Beating in the middle makes the pitch low. Beating around the edges makes the pitch high. The dynamic is if you beat it hard it makes a loud sound and if you beat it soft it makes a soft sound.