Melodious Copper Chimes

I went to a plumbing supply store with my friend, Greg, and my mom, and we bought a 10' piece of copper pipe. Then we went to a hardware store and bought copper wire, brass chain and spray paint. We also went to the Dollar Tree and bought a dowel to use as a striker.

We went to Greg's house and I used a Rigid pipe cutting machine to cut the pipes. I measured and cut pieces of copper pipe 12", 11 _", 11", 10 _", 10 _", 9 _", 9 _", and 9" for the chimes. Then I cut the horizontal piece that holds the chimes 25 _". Greg cleaned the pipes with Miratic acid. I measured and marked the holes in the horizontal piece and the chimes. Greg used the drill press to drill the holes. I cleaned the lettering off of the pipes with steel wool. Greg and Ii cut 8 pieces of brass chain 4" long. Greg took a piece of copper wire and I held the chains in the holes. He then caught the chains on the wire on the inside of the horizontal piece. He secured the ends of the wire so the chains wouldn't come off. We attached the chain to the top of t he horizontal piece. I attached the chimes to the chains. I cut the dowel in half and spray painted it.

Chimes are part of the percussion family. Sound is produced by hitting the chimes with the striker. The dynamics can be changed by striking the chimes harder or softer. The pitch can be changed by hitting the bigger or smaller chimes. The timber is melodious and brassy.

I learned that making musical instruments can be fun but can take a lot of hard work. I enjoyed making this instrument.