The Warrior Bow

My dad helped me make my Warrior Bow. First my dad and I measured a stick that was three feet long and three and one fourth inches wide. Then my Dad and I went to Walmart and got fishing line.

The first step in assembling my my instrument is cutting a groove or a hole through the middle of the wood. I chose to drill a hole in the middle of the wood because I think drilling a hole is something I could do rather than cutting a groove. When I was drilling the bit slipped and my Dad had to tighten it up. The second step in assembling my instrument is screwing a tuna fish can on it (to resonate the sound.) The third and final step in assembling my instrument is threading the fishing line through the hole I drilled.

The way you play my instrument is by strumming the string.

The dynamics of my instrument depends how hard or soft you strum it, but it's normally soft. The pitch of my instrument is low and the way you can change it is by making the string on it shorter. The timbre of my instrument is like a guitar, smooth and mellow.