The Chim-Chimmery Chimes


My instrument is called, "The Chim-Chimmery Chimes." My mother and grandmother helped me make it. First my mom and I decided what we needed. Then we went to Carter Lumber to buy nails. Then we went to my grandparents and picked out a couple of more nails from grandpa's workbench in the basement. Next we borrowed golden spray paint to paint the nails from grandma. We also bought a 4 inch embroidery hoop for the top to hold the nails on their strings.


The next day I went to my grandparents and my grandmother took me outside to supervise my spray painting of the nails. I used a donut box to keep the paint off of the table. I spray painted the nails 4 or 5 times until I liked their color.


Now it was time to string the nails. Grandma and I figured out a way to put the nails on the string and hoop to have them spaced and nice and tight. My grandmother suggested that we tie a knot on the nail 3 times to make sure that the string would not come untied. I suggested that we tie a knot 2 times on each nail. I decided grandma's idea was best because 3 knots stay better than 2. Next I used 28 inches of quilting thread (because it's heavier and stronger) to tie the nails. Grandma held the nails while I tied a nail to each end of the string. We left 2 nails out because those 2 were for the middle of the chime.


Next, I figured out a way to put the nails on the hoop. To put the nails on the hoop, I took a middle of the the string that had the nails on each end while Grandma held the hoop I laid them across the hoop. Grandma held the strings in place while I took pieces of scotch tape and taped the string to the outside of the hoop. Next I took heavier string (not quilting thread) and had grandma make the hanger because she can tie the knots to hold it tighter than I was able to.

Grandma then held the hoop and I took the hanger string and put it on the inside of the hoop. Then I Took the outer ring of the hoop and put on top of the string but some pieces of the string fell out, so I had to stick them back in before tightening the ring to hold it all together.

Then before trimming the loose ends of string with scissors I had to attach the two nails I left out earlier to the center of the chime. Grandma measured more strong strings. Then, while she held the string, I cut it with scissors. I tied the nails to the string and then I tied the string to the hanger string so that it would be in the center of the chime.

The dynamics of the chime can be changed by hitting the nails harder to make it loud or lightly making a soft sound. The pitch can be changed depending on what size nail is hit. The longer the nail the lower the sound, the smaller the nail the higher it sounds. The chimes can be played by putting them in a space where they can move around and the blowing in the chimes direction making it move and produce music. You can also tap e the nails with something hard such as a pencil or moving the center nail around the chime making it hit the other nails. The timbre of my instrument sound sweet as a lullaby and sometimes sounds like a triangle being played. Who knew that something metallic could be so melodious!