The Funny Drum

My instrument is called, "The Funny Drum." My Mom helped me make it. After deciding what kind of drum I was going to make, Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to buy the items I needed. The items my Mom and I bought at Wal-Mart were some red, white, and blue paint, two dowel rods and two wooden balls that fit the dowel for the drum sticks and a small bungee cord. Then I went out into our garage and found a chamois.

I went next door to my Uncle Mark's house and asked him for a coffee can, he drinks a lot of coffee.

I painted my coffee can one night, then let it dry and repainted it again the next night. After it dried my Mom helped me stretch the chamois around the can and stretch the bungee cord around it. Then I took the scissors and trimmed the extra chamois. Then my Mom used her hot glue gun to tack the extra chamois up over the bungee cord so it didn't show.

I strike the drum with the drum sticks and it has a low, high pitch with a loud, soft dynamics. The tiimbre reminds me of a Indian drum.