The Hip Hop Harp


My instrument is called, "Hip Hop Harp." My Grandpa helped me make it. After I chose a pattern, Grandpa and I went to the shop and found some scrap wood. Then I drew the pattern onto the wood. My Grandpa cut the harp shape out with a saw as I watched.


After Grandpa finished cutting the harp out, I marked where I needed holes drilled for the eye screws. Then my Grandpa drilled the holes for me, so that I could put the eye screws in. After I put all of the screws in, my Grandpa helped me straighten them so that I could attach the rubber bands.

My Mom and I went ot Meijer's and bought some gold spray paint and rubber bands. I put some plastic down so that I wouldn't get spray paint all over. I spray painted my harp without the rubber bands attached. After one side dried, I painted the other side.

After my harp dried completely, I attached all of the rubber bands. It took me about five hours to make my harp. I looks very cool.

To produce sound on my harp, you have to strum it like you would a guitar. To make the harp dynamics soft, you have to strum it gently. To make them loud, you strum it hard.

I can strum a skinny rubber band to make it a high pitch. To make a low pitch you strum a fat rubber band. The timbre of my harp would be a vibrating sound. It also sound like a string instrument.

My mom helped type my report. I told her what to type.