The Music Stick

My instrument is called "The Music Stick, also known as the Digeridoo. My mom and dad helped me build my instrument. I chose a design for my instrument off of a website on the Internet. My dad and I went to Home Depot to buy PVC pipe. My dad cut it down to five feet for me. My mom and I went to Walmart to get some medium and fine grain sandpaper, beeswax, primer paint, clear coat paint and super glue.

My dad and I used the sandpaper and sanded down the PVC pipe. We then put two coats of primer paint on it. When the primer had dried, I decorated my instrument with things that represented me and my family. My mom helped me paint it and super glue pictures, beads and flower petals onto my instrument.

My dad also helped me melt the beeswax on the stove. When the beeswax was all melted, we dipped one end of the instrument into it. We used our fingers to form the mouth piece of my instrument. After the beeswax had dried, my dad helped me spray two coats of clear coat paint on my instrument.

To change the dynamics, I blow harder, which makes a loud sound. I can also change the dynamics by not blowing as hard. You can change the pitch on my instrument by loosening and tightening my lips while blowing into my instrument. The timbre of my instrument is bossy and hollow.