The Sand Shuffle

My instrument is called, "The Sand Shuffle." My Grandpa, Grandma, and Mom helped me make it. After making it on paper, I got two blocks from my barn. I had to measure the block exactly the same. Then my Granpa cut the block as I watched.

After my Grandpa cut the wood, My Mom and I went outside to paint the blocks. My Mom held the block while I sprayed gold paint on the blocks. Before the paint is dry I sprinkle some gold and white sparkles on the blocks. Then I let it dry.

After the spray paint dried, I plugged in the hot glue gun. My Grandma held the block while I glued on the decorations. When the hot glue gun was hot, I put on the side of the black gold checkered ribbon. After the gold ribbons was put on, I glued 2-3 colored stars on each end of the block. I put 2-3 bells on each of the ends of the block also. After the bells, stars and the golden ribbon was dry I glued red, white, and green ribbon on the end of the block. It took me 2 days to complete "The Sand Shuffle."

"The Sand Shuffle" does not have a pitch. You can make it sound loud or soft, it all depends on how hard you press. It sounds like scratching. I had the best time making my "Sand Shuffle."