My instrument is called the Ting Tong. Both of my parents helped me make it. First I cut 6 logs, 4 of them were 20 in., one is 15 in. and the last one is 22 in. After that we measured 1 in. and then we chiseled in the spot that we measured. (We did both sides on both ends.) They fit!

I nailed them together and I have my base of my instrument. We cut 24 pieces of conduit and filed the ends of them. Then I drilled 52 holes on it. Then I nailed 52 of the 2 headed nails on. I weaved rubber bands on the 2 head nails and put the metal pipes between them. That's how I made my instrument.

It makes a high and low pitch and the harder you hit it, the LOUDER it gets. It tings softer if you hit it softer. It also makes a ting no matter how hard you hit it.