Chillin' Chimes

The idea for my instrument started out with a drawing of what I wanted it to look like. My Mom helped do the measurements for the chimes. Then my dad cut the chimes from steel pipe. Then me and my dad made a stand for the chimes. My dad and I found some scrap wood and then I traced the shapes of the stand and cut them out with a scroll saw and the drill press then I put them together. I sanded it and put stain on the stand. My instrument took three days to make. The materials I used are wood, steel pipe, 10 pound fish line, stain, drill press, scroll saw, table saw, and sander.

The sound is produced on my instrument by striking it with a hammer. It also makes a different sound when you hit them against one another.

The dynamics of my instrument are hitting it harder to make it louder and to make it softer you hit it less hard. The pitch of my instrument is high and low depending on the chime piece. The timbre of my instrument is tinkly. It was fun using the tools and spending time with my parents doing my instrument.