The Fire Stick

My mom and dad helped me make my instrument. My mom brought home a long tube made of cardboard for the base of the instrument. Then I got nails and a hammer from the garage.

My mom put X's to show me where to hammer the nails. I used about 60 nails. While I was hammering the nails in the cardboard, my dad found 2 pumpkin Frisbees to put on the ends of the cardboard tube.

After I finished putting the nails in the tube, I needed to find something that I could put in and that can make noise. First I tried large beads, but that wasn't the sound I was looking for. Then my mom tried small beads, but that wasn't the sound I was looking for either.

After my mom and I talked about it, we came up with beans. When we got the beans, I put them in the tube. When I tipped the instrument over, it was the sound we were looking for. Then I got tape and taped the Frisbees at the ends. For the decorating, I chose to paint it.

My dad showed me how to work the black spray can. Once the black paint got dried, I set the instrument on the table and started painting over the black with red. The timbre is like rain hitting the roof of a house. To change the pitch I'd have to change what is inside. To change the dynamics, I tip it fast or slow to make it loud or soft. It took about 3 days to make my instrument.