Git Fiddle

My fiddle is cut out of wood. My dad, grandpa and I made my Git Fiddle in the garage. Over two days my dad, grandpa and I spent four hours building my Git Fiddle. My dad used a jig saw, skill saw, drill, screws and guitar strings. First my dad took the wood my grandpa gave me and cut it to the shape of a guitar. Then he made a mark to cut the center. I held the wood down for my dad so my dad could cut it. Then my dad went across the creek and got some boards. Then my dad and I measured the boards for the back and cut them. I held the wood for my dad, so he could cut it. I sanded all the wood.

Then my dad and I stopped for the day. The next day my dad went to Wal-Mart and got the guitar strings. Then my dad went to Alma bolt and got some thumb screws for my guitar strings. My grandpa gave me a bracket to put on the bottom of my Git Fiddle to hold the screws down so it wouldn't strip.

The sound is produced by strumming the strings. My Git Fiddle is strummed like a guitar.

To change the pitch place your fingers on the strings as you strum. The smaller the string the higher the pitch. The bigger the string the lower the pitch. Change dynamics depends on how hard you strum it. The harder you strum the louder the sound will be. If you strum softly you will get a soft strum.