The Kingdom Drum

My Mom and Dad helped me make my instrument. My Mom and I went to Wal-Mart and bought a shower cap, paints, and colored sticky tape. The next day after work my Mom went to the dollar store and bought me a basket.

When my Mom got home I decorated the basket with colored sticky tape. Then I cut the elastic out of the shower cap. My Mom drew a circle on poster board which was two inches bigger than my basket and I cut it out. Then I trimmed the shower cap so it was the same size as the circle. My Mom and Dad helped me stretch the shower cap over the basket and taped it to the basket. Next I cut out strips from colored yellow paper and put fringes in them.


The next day my Dad went to K-Mart and bought me skewers to use as drum sticks. My Mom found two corks in her craft box and I painted them brown. Then my Mom and I glued the paper fringes to the basket. The next day, my Mom and I bought black fringe and hot glued it to the yellow paper. I decided to put colored straws on the skewers and my Dad put the corks on the ends.

The Kingdom Drum makes a sound by striking it with a drum stick. I strike it hard to make it have a loud dynamics. To change the dynamics, I strike it softly. You can make a low pitch by pounding it in the middle. You can make a higher pitch on my drum by pounding it near the edge. The timbre of my drum is low and soft.