Megan's Magical Chimes

First my dad and I found a piece of pipe and cut it into 8 different lengths. I helped him measure out different lengths to cut each chime. The longest piece is 12 inches long and the shortest piece is 9 inches long. Then my dad drilled holes in the tops of each piece of pipe to put a wire through to hang it from the piece of wood, which my dad also drilled holes in for the wire. After he drilled the holes, I attached the pieces of pipe to the piece of wood with the wires. My mom gave me a wooden spoon and a plastic spoon to be my beaters. It took us about an hour to complete my chimes.

The way my chimes make music is with someone and something hitting it or tapping it. The way I change the dynamics would be to hit hard and soft. The way to change the pitch is to hit it with different objects,, such as a wooden spoon and a metal spoon. Some timbre words are tinkly, clinky and earsplitting.

The materials I used are a drill, drill bit, wood, bandsaw, vise, string, and wire. My dad was the only person I needed to help me to use the power tools.