The Peace Beats

First my dad and I went to Joann Fabrics to get the goat skin. Then my dad and I went to Home Depot and bought the cardboard tube. When he got home, he measured the tube and then my dad and I made a chalk line of where to cut, then my dad let me cut along the line with the jigsaw with his help.

When my dad and I cut both pieces, my mom and I took them outside and set them on the ground, and then my mom came out with black spray paint. Then my mom and I spray painted the tubes, my mom sprayed the bigger tube and I did the small one.

After my mom and I spray painted the tubes, my mom put them in the garage to dry. Then my mom went on the internet to find Native American symbols. My mom printed them off so she and I could paint them on the tubes. The next day, my mom got out white paint and yellow paint; she also got two empty containers to put each color of paint in. Mom painted to show me how….then I finished the symbols.

Then on the following Friday, my Dad, Mom, my brother Mason and I went to my Grandma's house to work in my Grandpa's workshop that is in their basement. My Dad took a long, flat strip of wood and cut it into 4 squares. Then my Dad helped me draw a circle on each square and cut it out. Then my Dad hand I took a smaller piece of wood and cut out a circle from there. Then I traced the circle on the inside of the four circles and cut them out. On the two rings, he crossed two strips of wood and nailed them. Then my Dad and I cut out eight pieces of wood for the legs. My Dad and I then drilled holes in all of the rings. For the other rings, I traced a square on the material that my Dad and I had found at JoAnn Fabrics. I cut the fabric out and my Dad stapled the material on the other rings. My Dad and I then put the legs on the crosswood rings. My Dad and I then put the tubes on the rings with the legs and connected the top rings. My Dad and I then threaded the twine from the top ring to the bottom and tied it tight with knots. When my Dad was done knotting the twine on that; we glued the leftover material to the bottom of the legs of the bigger drum. Then the Peace Beats were done.

Sound is produced from the drums by tapping or hitting them. The louder the tap, the louder the noise is that is produced. The softer the tap, the noise that is produced is softer. The harder I hit the drum, the louder the dynamics are. The pitch of the drum depends on where I hit it….the center will have a lower pitch…the edges will have a higher pitch. The timbre of my drum is "bangy" and sounds really noisy, but good.