Chelsea's Violin

My instrument is called Chelsea's Violin. My instrument was made with help from my dad, mom and me. First my dad and I went to Home Depot and got some PVC pipe. Next I went to our barn and got a small piece of wood. Last I asked my mom for a tuna can. After all that was done, I measured the PVC pipe, my dad cut it. The wood was just a little long so my dad cut it to fit. It took about two hours in all to make. After it was all done my dad helped me paint it. I then decorated it with the stickers. I also made a bow for my instrument out of a paint stir stick and binder twine.

My instrument is strummed or plucked. To make the pitch higher I have to push the string closer to the place that I was playing. If I pluck it very easy the dynamics would be soft. If I plucked it fast or hard that would make the dynamics loud and soft. The timbre of my instrument is like a violin.