The Combo Drums


My mom's friend (Lee) sawed some wood into a square which was 16 by 16 in. and sanded it. Then I drilled a hole through the center of the wood. Lee got a piece of wood that was 1 inch by 1 inch by 32 inches long and drilled a hole through the top of it and I drilled a nail through the holes. Lee and I drilled 2 holes in 3 coffee cans which were 3/16 of an inch. Then Lee drilled the coffee cans to the wood. I primed the wood but not the coffee cans. The next day I spray painted the wood and the coffee cans. Then when the paint dried I Sprayed on a second coat. I measured 13 inches long on 2 pieces of wood. Then I measured the tip of the 2 pieces of wood. Then I sanded the tip to make a taper.

The sound of the instrument is produced by me hitting it with sticks.

You make it louder by hitting it harder and you make it softer by hitting it softer, you make it higher by hitting the top drums and you make it lower by hitting the bottom drum and the timbre is that the bottom one is low and the top ones are higher.