The Crazy Stick

I named my instrument the Crazy Stick. My Mom and Dad helped me with my instrument. I used a wrapping paper tube, roofing nails, aluminum from a can, different types of beads, duck tape, sequins, hot blue and tissue paper. My Mom put holes in the tube so that I could put the nails into the tube. Then I duck taped the whole tube so that the nails and aluminum would not move. My dad put a cut aluminum can on one end of the atube and I taped it on. Then I put the different size beads and sequins into the tube and my dad put the other can on the other end of the tube and I taped it to close the instrument up. After that I began to decorate my instrument with colored tissue paper and glue, I let that dry for the day. I put most of the decorations on but my mom used the glue gun. It took about 2 days to make my instrument.

My instrument produces sound by tipping it. When you tip the Crazy Stick the beads go through the tube hitting all of the nails and aluminum, making the sound of rain. You can also shake my instrument to make sound. I wanted to use all different size and shape beads so that my instrument would make all types of sound.

You can change the dynamics of the Crazy Stick by tipping it slowly up and down to make it sound very soft. When you tip it fast then the sound is loud and rough. My instrument does not have a pitch. If you shake my instrument fast you can get a fast tempo. The timbre sounds like rain, people in history have used this type of instrument to call for rain when there was a drought. I have named my instrument the Crazy Stick.