The Groovy Guitar

My instrument is called the Groovy Guitar. I started out by getting directions for a styrocello at "" I decided to change it a little and turn it into a guitar because it was too short to be a cello.

To start my instrument I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and my mom bought some Styrofoam shaped as a rectangular prism and they gave my mom the cardboard tube used to hold fabric for free because they were going to throw it out. Then when my mom, dad and I got home my dad and I started to work on my instrument. First my dad cut some grooves in the Styrofoam with a pocket knife and I taped the cardboard tube to the Styrofoam in the groove. Then my dad cut some slits in each end of the tube. Next, I got some fishing line and tied it to each end of the tube in the slits. After that, my dad and I got a smaller piece of the cardboard tube and taped it to the Styrofoam under the fishing line. Then my dad cut some more grooves in a Lincoln log so the string could slide in. Then I taped the Lincoln log to the Styrofoam under the fishing line. Lastly, I decorated my Groovy Guitar with markers. It took my dad and I about 1 hour to make the Groovy Guitar.

I produce sound by plucking the strings. I can change the dynamics by plucking harder or softer. When I pluck it hard it is louder and when I pluck it soft it is quieter. I could change the pitch by making the string tighter or looser. When the strings are tighter they have a higher pitch and when the strings are looser they have a lower pitch. The timbre of my Groovy Guitar is very twangy. That is my instrument, The Groovy Guitar.