Kaab Drum


My instrument is called, "The Kaab Drum." I decided to make three drums so dad and I went to Home Depot and picked out three different sizes of PVC pipe that were already cut. Then my dad and I went to Meijer to buy balloons to go over the pipe.

When I got home, I cut the balloons and stretched them out so that they could fit over the pipe. After I put the balloons over the pipe, my dad tightened it so it would make a sound. Then I put tape around the balloon so it wouldn't come off. My dad cut a long board into four 6 inch pieces and one other board long enough to hold the three drums.

With my dad's help, I drilled two of the 6 inch pieces together to form a 90 decree angle. I did the same with the other two 6 inch pieces. Then I drilled a hole and screwed the drums onto the long board. Next I drilled and screwed the legs onto the board with the drums. Then I cut a wooden dowel to make drum sticks.

The Kaab Drum's sound is produced by being tapped on to create a rhythm. I tap hard on the drum to make it have loud dynamics. To change the dynamics, I tap lightly for a soft sound. In order to change the pitches, I tighten the balloon to make it higher and I loosen the balloon to make the pitch lower. The timbre is bouncy and soft.