Totally Tom-Tom


I like the Totally Tom-Tom because I think it looks neat and because I like tom-toms. Also, I like the sound tom-toms make. My mom helped with my project. First my mom took me to the store to buy the materials I needed. Then I spray painted the pots but first my mom showed me how to spray paint. Next, I glued the pots together and that didn't work so we had to tape the pots together. Also, I had to spray paint the tom-tom all over again. I traced the pots and then cut out the circles on the cloth. Then I cut slots in the cloth. After that I glued the flaps and folded them over. Then I waited for it to dry.

My mom cut holes in the fabric and I threaded the string. Next I placed the cloth on the pot and I tightened the string on both ends. After that I threaded the string up and down. Lastly I painted glue on top of the cloth. This project took about 6 hours to complete. The materials I used were glue, flowerpots, string, cloth, spray paint and tape.

This instrument is tapped with your fingers. You can hold the tom-tom under your arm or put the tom-tom between your knees.

You can change the dynamics by tapping the tom-tom lighter, which makes a soft sound. You can tap the tom-tom hard so it makes a loud sound. You can also change the pitch because if you tap the edges of the tom-tom it makes a higher pitch. If you tap the center of the tom-tom it makes a lower pitch. The timbre is dull and hollow. That is how I made the Totally Tom-Tom.