The Branch of the Songs

My music report is about the Bell Tree but my name for it is "The Branch of the Songs." I chose the name because I made it out of a branch and I could play songs on it.

First my dad, mom, two younger brothers and I went to Deer Field Park. We had to walk a long way to find a fallen branch from a tree. I picked the one that thought was wide and tall and it looked like the perfect size to hold bells for the Branch of the Songs.

After I found the branch my dad and I went to Pinnacle Cabinets (his work). They have a lot of tools that can make almost anything you can imagine, even a pool table. Then I got to use a wireless power drill to drill holes in the branches. It was heavy. I then drilled a hole in the bell. I put a screw through the bell then pushed the screw up the branch and put a nut on the screw. The bells were actually caps to metal rods and the others were regular bells from our Grandma and Grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary and my cousins wedding. Then my dad and brother found black metal rods. I used two for the branch and two to hit the bells to make sound. The branch was heavy so my dad had to screw it on the wooden base. Then I painted Branch of the Songs on the base.

I hit it hard to make it sound loud. Then to change the dynamics you hit it softly and that makes the sound soft. To make the pitch high I hit the smaller bells and to change the pitch I hit the larger bells to make the pitch lower. If I chose one word to describe the timbre of the Branch of the Songs it would be ringy.