My Cat Guitar

I am doing a project in music class and we have to make an instrument. My Grandpa, Jen, Mom and I are making a cat guitar. We got the idea because my grandpa has 15 cats and I had one and I like cats, so that's how we got the idea. So we went on the internet and we went to Google images and looked and found two cats I liked and I had to pick one. I picked the colorful cat and my grandpa e-mailed me the picture of the colorful cat and he told me to write him back and I did. I said I liked it and sent the email to him. Now I am waiting to get an email back from him.

In the beginning of the guitar my grandpa, Jen, and I went to pick out fabric for the outside of my guitar. We got blue fabric and butterfly fabric at Goodwill and then when we got home I started cutting out the butterflies. Then when I was done cutting the butterflies I put them in a bag. That's where I put everything for my guitar except for my papers. I put them in a pink sparkly folder.

We traced the pattern and then my Grandpa started cutting out the guitar shape out of wood that he got at his house. Then he said that he would come up from Traverse City in a few weeks and we would work on it even more. We glued fabric and fur, then I brunt my finger on the glue gun, so I needed extra help from my mom.

For dynamics you can strum the strings harder to get it louder. To get it softer you have to strum them very lightly. For pitch you have to strum the thick strings to get the low sound and the thinner strings to get a high sound and you also can use the tuners.

That's how my mom, grandpa, Jen and I made my guitar.