The Chrome Flute

My instrument is called, "The Chrome Flute." My dad and mom were the ones who helped me create my flute. My dad and I went to Menards to pick out the PVC pipe.

For my flute, first I measured the right piece that I needed to take home and cut. When dad and I got home I watched as he cut the PVC pipe with a saw. Then I measured all the holes that my dad needed to drill out for me. Dad drilled one hole at a time as I watched.

Next my mom and I went and got paint and sandpaper at Wal-Mart. I took the newspaper and laid it down so I could sand my pipe when I finished I wiped it off so it could be ready for paint. I had to make sure every piece of dust and debris was off of it before I could paint. Next I painted and let it dry and painted again. It looked good the, there was my chrome flute.

After that I then blew to see how it sounded. The dynamics changed as I blew harder or softer. The pitch changed on it as I put my fingers over the holes. The timbre of my instrument is howling and shiny. It also sounds like the wind blowing lightly. The flute is a hard instrument to play. I didn't realize that until I played it, I have a lot of respect for flute players.