The Dinger

My instrument is called the Dinger. My dad helped me make it. First my dad and I had to go to Menards to buy copper, PVC pipe and the connectors for the PVC pipe. So the next day we built my instruments. It took about three hours to finish.

I cut the pipe to the right length then I had to put all the connectors on to make the frame and stand. I had to cut the copper into the different lengths to make the different sounds. My dad had to drill the holes in the copper because it was very hard to push the drill through. Then I had to cut the wires to hang the pipe up on the stand. My mom polished the copper pipes with Brasso because it is a chemical and she didn't want me to breath any fumes in.

After she was finished I put on the different lengths of the copper on the PVC pipe base, then we tried it out to see if it would work and it worked perfectly.

The sound was produced by the different lengths of pipes, from small to big and big to small.

The dynamics are if you hit the pipe really hard it will be loud. If you hit the pipe softly it will be a soft sound.

The pitch is if you hit the big pipe it will be low.and if you hit the small pipe it will be high.

The timbre is when you hit the small pipe it would start out high and if you kept going down on the pipes it would get lower.