Hunter's 60's Drum

For my drum I used plywood, wood of my choice, cardboard tubing, vinyl, clear flexible tubing, non-stretchy rope, scrap of heavy carpeting, stainless steel rods, wood screws, steel washers, duct tape, and wood finish.

My instrument is called Hunter's 60's Drum. My dad helped me make it. First dad and I found some mahogany wood that we used from restoring our old boat. Dad and I measured it so we cut it out correctly. Then dad cut the wood as I watched. He drilled holes in the wood just after he cut it. I sanded it until it was nice and smooth. Dad and I stained the wood. While dad was cutting the tube I put the first coat of varnish on the tube. I let it dry overnight. While I was painting dad stretched the vinyl and stapled it to the bottom of the piece of wood. Then I put the second coat of white paint on the tube and I let that dry.

The nest day I put three pieces of tape in a row spiraling from the top to the bottom. I took the middle piece of tape out. Then I painted the teal pinstripe on the tube. Dad and I screwed the legs to the wood base. Then when the paint was dry I took the two pieces of tape off. The next night my dad cut some rods. Then dad and I set the drum on the wood then we put the wood and drumhead on top of the tube and dad and I wove the string through the holes.

The sound is produced by beating on the drumhead. It took my dad and I about 4 days to make the drum.

I can make the dynamics louder by beating harder on the drum I can make the dynamics softer by beating softer. I can make the pitch higher by tightening the strings, and I can make the pitch lower by loosening the strings. The drums timbre is hollow.