Rainbow Rods

My instrument is called, "Rainbow Rods." My mother and father helped me make my instrument. Once I chose my pattern my parents took me to Menards to get the supplies I needed. I checked over my pattern to see how long the wooden dowels needed to be. Once I marked the spots where it needed to be cut, my dad then sawed the wooden dowels as I watched.

After my dad cut the wooden dowels, I got another board to hang the dowels on. Next my dad helped me drill holes at the end of the dowels. After that I had to twist the hooks at the end where the hole was. Then after I put the hooks in, I cut and put the string on with the help of my mom. After that I painted the wooden dowels assorted colors. I had to paint them a second time to be sure it was all colored. Next I put foam letters on the wooden dowels and board. After that I nailed the nails in carefully.

The materials I used were 3 wooden dowels, a wood board, hooks, string, nails, paint, hot glue, and foam letters. It took 4 days to finish my project, "Rainbow Rods."

The sound of my instrument is produced by tapping each rod. Its dynamics are loud when you hit it hard. Its dynamics are soft when you hit it lightly. The pitch sounds low. To change the pitch you have to hit the different sizes of rods. The timbre sounds flat, dull, and tinkly.