The Smudge Drum

First my dad got me the pieces. A ten foot PVC pipe about six and a half inches at the top, sandpaper, two ten inch sticks, a plane, some leather, and a saw.

I cut the pipe into an eight inch piece. Then I cleaned the piece of pipe with some sandpaper. While I cleaned the pipe my dad made a perfect circle with a pencil about five inches on the leather.

When I finished cleaning the pipe I took the leather up to the house to have mom cut it with her rotary cutter. She cut it on the circle my dad had drawn. When I took the leather back down to the tool shed my dad soaked the leather in water while I made the drumsticks with a plane and some sandpaper. When I finished the drumsticks my dad took the leather out of the water and put it on the top of the pipe I had cut. Some of the leather fell over the side so my dada put a metal ring around it.

Then I took it up to the house and my mom got me some tape, paper and paint. I painted the paper to go by the drums name smudge-drum. After I painted it I let it dry and then my dad and I taped it on to the drum.

I strike and tap my drum to make sound. I strike my drum hard to make loud dynamics. I tap my drum to make soft dynamics. I hit the middle to make low pitch. I hit the side to make a high pitch. I think my drum has a loud and vibrating timbre to it.