Benji the Banjo

By MacKenzie C.

I named my banjo Benji, Benji the Banjo. I made my banjo with the help of my dad. I used these materials to make my banjo, string, wood and nails. The tools we used were a hammer, a saw and a drummel. It took us about and hour to make Benji.

My dad and I measured the wood pieces so that my dad knew where to cut them. Then my dad cut all the pieces as I watched.

After dad cut the pieces, I nailed them together with the help of my dad. I had to use a drummel tool to make the grooves for the strings. I marked the spots for the nails that hold the strings, then I pounded the nails.

My mom found some jewelry string to use on my banjo. My mom helped me tie the string. After my mom and I put on the string my mom and I picked out stickers to put on Benji.

I pluck my banjo hard to make loud dynamics. For my banjo to have soft dynamics I pluck Benji lightly. I can change the pitch on Benji by holding the strings when I pluck them. The timbre of my instrument is a strumming sound.