My Buck-A-Roo Banjo

By Zachary H.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to make my banjo until I went shopping with my Mom and found this buck tin.  Then I knew that I wanted it to look like a hunting banjo and I found everything I needed to make this.  My instrument is called the "Buck-A-Roo Banjo".

I measured out the wood handle and drew a line on the tin for what needed to be cut out.  My Dad used his tin snips to cut out where the wood handle needed to go.  I then sanded the tin with a file so that it wouldn't be so sharp.  

I had found some Camo duct tape and used it to cover the wood handle because I wanted it to look more like a hunting banjo.  I then screwed in the eyelets for the strings and found that they weren't high enough, so my Dad had to cut some wood so I could raise the ends up.  Now the strings wouldn't hit the tin.

I then used fishing line for the strings and found it hard to tie it tight enough to be able to strum it.  But after some time, I was able to get them all tied off.

I strum the banjo softly to make it have a soft dynamics, and I strum it harder for a loud dynamics.   I also learned that the pitch changes from low to high if I hold the strings down while moving my hand up and down the wooden handle while strumming the banjo.

The timbre of my instrument is banjo-like in its sound.  I didn't expect that because it is made of tin and fishing line.  It has that banjo twang sound like a real banjo.

I had so much fun building this banjo and seeing it turn out like the hunting banjo I wanted.  And then to have it really work is awesome.