Cool Yule Didgeridoo

Anna F.

I wanted to make the wooden saxophone because my dad played the sax when he was in high school.

My Papa had all the tools we would need, so I went to his house in Ann Arbor after Thanksgiving dinner. I stayed all weekend.

Two weekends before, we were visiting Papa's house and I showed him the directions for the wooden saxophone. Papa went to a lumber yard and found a big piece of maple, which is a good hard wood for musical instruments. He took it to the carpenter's shop at the school where he works, and they cut it up into the right size pieces for the project.

The first thing we did was sort the maple pieces into groups. Then we measured them, and labeled them with their measurements and which piece it was. Then we took them out to the garage and Papa cut them off to the right length on the power saw.

Then we had to look at the plans and then draw lines on the pieces to show what shape each should be. We had to do all kinds of math with fractions! Papa helped me with the measuring and fractions so the pieces would be shaped right. I had to figure out the lines for sixteenths and eighths and quarters and halves. It was confusing sometimes. Papa kept asking me questions and getting me to count the lines to figure out the right measurements.

Sometimes Papa held the ruler and I marked stuff off. We each had our own tape measure. We used sharp pencils and a square to make it all as neat as we could. Finally, we had the lines drawn on the pieces. We took them in to the garage.

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