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We used the combination sander to shape the pieces. I did the pieces that were wider, and Papa did the ones that were narrow, because you had to hold your fingers too close to the sander belt. We sanded pieces for a couple of hours. I vacuumed up a lot of saw dust, and so did Papa!

Once we had the pieces in shape, we glued them together. We worked together. I put the glue on the edges, and Papa smeared it off with his finger! Then we stuck the pieces together. We took clamps and we pinched all the pieces in to the right spots. Papa and I did that together, because some of the clamps were too hard to squeeze open, and it took two of us to hold all the stuff. We let the glue dry for a couple of hours.

We unclamped it, and some of the edges weren't exactly even. So we took it to the sander and sanded the whole thing until the edges were smooth. It looked so good it looked like it wasn't home made!

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