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Then we had to cut the 22 degree angle for the reed. Papa used the power saw and cut the angle. He was sweating to death because he was so nervous! He cut a bunch of little pieces first, and adjusted it a million times before he cut the real instrument, because he only got one cut and we wanted to make it perfect. It turned out good.

We held a reed on it and tried to make a sound. It didn't make any sounds until Papa tried it with the reed upside down. It made a huge squeak. We thought that was good enough to go on.

The next morning, we went to a music store and looked at a real soprano saxophone mouthpiece. We made sure the 22 degree angle was right, and it was. Papa traced some shape marks on the sax to sand it some more so it had the right curves. When we got home, Papa got out a dremel tool with a little sander on it. He did some very careful sanding on the mouthpiece.

I measured and marked the lines so we could drill the finger holes and cut off the end at the right length. Then we went back out in the garage. Papa got the drill press all set up. He held the saxophone, and I drilled all six holes, VERY slowly. Then Papa cut the saxophone off to be 13 and 13/16 inches, right where I marked it.

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